Fox News’ Peters Complains The President And Democrats ‘Don’t Want To Waterboard’

Fox News contributor Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters complains that the president and Democrats “don’t even want to waterboard” Islamic State fighters. He also makes some arguments that we’ve heard before about war in Iraq.

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6 thoughts on “Fox News’ Peters Complains The President And Democrats ‘Don’t Want To Waterboard’

  1. Yeah … limited troops will get it done. How is it that they simply can’t get, or choose to ignore, the fundamental reality — there are people all over the world who hate us and every time we go in with military force we just increase the quantity of those people.

      1. It’s how we should handle most of these situations where our national security is not at risk. If those people and countries who are gravest risk from ISIS and similar groups are unwilling to spend their own lives and treasures, why should we?

      2. What I found hilarious about this clip was the guy was complaining that the Democrats “don’t want to waterboard”….yeah, of course they don’t! What a nincompoop…

      3. I’ve tried to post this comment on your post about Rush Limbaugh and it’s not working for some reason, so I’ll say it here. Sadly, I live in Sacramento — the media market that birthed Rush Limbaugh. Way back then, I listened to him because I loved politics and wanted to be challenged by his views. While he was conservative and an egotistical blowhard back then, he wasn’t as extreme or as bad. Once he went national, he went completely around the bend, and he has never returned.

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