TYT: Netanyahu Speech A Breech Of Protocol

TYT Network

TYT Network discusses the speech from Tuesday, March 3rd to Congress by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu failed to clear the planned address with the White House.

57 Legislators (56 Democrats and 1 Independent) refused to attend the speech.

In the speech Prime Minister Netanyahu warned the U.S. against accepting a nuclear deal with Iran, stating that he firmly believed it would not prevent Iran from creating nuclear weapons in what is basically his backyard. He also openly criticized Obama and his administration for their handling of Iran.

Some are calling the speech ‘inappropriate’ and even ‘wrong’ about some of its facts.



3 thoughts on “TYT: Netanyahu Speech A Breech Of Protocol

  1. Another “excellent” speech by Bibi:
    Here you’ll see a video of a presentation Netanyahu made before a Congressional committee in 2002 in which he encouraged a US attack upon Iraq. “A nuclear-armed Saddam will place the security of our entire world at risk,” he says at one point.It seems very much as if this man has been advocating war throughout much of his adult life.


    A war that costed the US tax payer 2 trillion dollars, thousands of dead marines, and tens of thousands with Posttraumatic stress disorder and or handicapped.

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