Is Rand Paul Moving To The Right?

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Recently, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky announced he would be running for President. Have his views on foreign affairs shifted? Has he flip-flopped or back-tracked on such issues as defense and non-interventionism?

Rand Paul filed an amendment to the Senate budget last month, calling for a significant boost to defense spending. It was a reversal for the libertarian senator who has previously called for across-the-board cuts to domestic and military spending, according to TPM.

“The amendment, filed without public notice and first reported by Time, is the latest of several moves by the Kentucky senator seemingly aimed at placating the GOP’s ascendant hawkish wing ahead of a reported campaign announcement…,” states TPM.

Paul’s amendment would boost military spending by about $190 billion above levels proposed in the Senate Republican budget in fiscal 2016 and 2017. It would be offset with steep cuts to domestic federal programs, states TPM.

So, it seems that Rand Paul wants to increase the military budget while decreasing the budget for domestic federal programs.

The one thing that sets Libertarians apart from their Republican colleagues is their policy of not intervening militarily abroad – a non-interventionist policy.

“One of Paul’s signature issues has been a non-interventionist foreign policy and less U.S. military involvement around the world, a philosophy that was gaining traction among some Republicans before the emergence of the Islamic State threat. His budgets in prior years have called for reducing spending on defense,” states TPM.

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