6 thoughts on “Are We Witnessing The End Times For The USA? You decide!

  1. He claims that ISIS isn’t targeting Europe. Google “ISIS attacks in Europe”. Virtually ever other claim he makes can be easily refuted through simple Google searches. The fact that there are military convoys moving trucks and tanks around? I don’t know how old you are, but I’m 50. I’ve traveled throughout the country over the last 45 years. One of the “cool” things we saw when we were kids driving across the country were the military convoys. They were all over the place. The same thing this guy and the nutjob conspiracy theorists he follows claim is evidence of a military takeover. The allegation that Obama is going to declare martial law to remain in office — nutjob liberals feared the same thing about Bush in 2008. The vast, vast majority of stuff this guy posts about America is fundamentally untrue. One of the things he posted about at one point is how there is a 100 mile constitution free zone around the entire border of the United States. Guess what? I live within that zone and the constitution hasn’t died yet. He’s a nutjob and his posts about America don’t deserve to be re-blogged. You give him credibility every time you do this.

      1. They do it because they know nothing about America but it makes our country look far worse than it is. If you read his stuff he desperately wants to knock America off its perch. Good. I’d like a little less American superiority as well. But posting about every crackpot theory out there is the wrong way to go about it.

      2. I agree with your point about military convoys – they happen in every country all the time. It takes more than photos of tanks to “prove” martial law.

      3. My attempts at convincing him that a military convoy doesn’t mean anything are one of the reasons he has blocked me from commenting on his sight.

      4. I like some of ShaunyNews’ views, because he has an “outsider’s” view of the U.S., and he has some good info on Scotland, etc. But some things like the Nazi / martial law articles are simply over-the-top. If there was true martial law, I wouldn’t be able to read his website or fly to Europe…

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