Rolling Stone Article On UVA Rape

Rolling stone has a new article about rape culture at the University of Virginia entitled “A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA.”

It is a brutal account of UVA fratboy rape culture.

You can find the article here:

5 thoughts on “Rolling Stone Article On UVA Rape

  1. Its time we start realizing that Feminism has failed. It has corrupted education and academia. It has created manginas out of politicians and in the end these women are less happy and hardly produce anything for society for the tremendous investment and crap we have to put up with in dealing with women. Face it WOMEN lie about many things. False accusations where men are accused of rape, domestic violence, molesting a child in a custody, fabricating false evidence to facilitate a lie, parental alienation – THEY lie and its not 2%. Its has high as 50%. And because more women come out with a similar story about the same guy is not a testament to the truth – but an indication of a bigger feminist problem – as a group women are willing to excuse other women who are doing somehting unethical – they even will try to convince you that – well that might not have been so in this case, but there are others… OR a false accusation will help men better understand women and not have to “manspalin” everything. I have had it.

    1. “…crap we have to put up with in dealing with women.”

      Wait – aren’t you a woman?

      Your avatar is a picture of a woman….or is that a photo of….Virginity Auction-er Elizabeth Raine!

      Thank you for your comment anyway…

  2. Hi “RL” – it turns out that the Rolling Stone article has done a great disservice to the women interviewed by not telling both sides of the story, so the public will now consider much of the story bogus and not take the issue seriously. A seriously unfortunate situation for all concerned, including other journalists.

    1. Hi, “RC.” Yes, I saw that. I tend to leave up my articles although some get “dated.”

      I get this nagging feeling, though, that this woman was not completely lying. She’s not a total fraud, I think.

      However, it is important to corroborate evidence from different sources.

      1. Oh – I’m not insinuating that she was lying. I’m actually saying that the real “shame” is that poor journalism can make people take her story less seriously.

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