Was The McKinney ‘Barrel Roll’ Necessary?


Some articles are out that discuss the importance (or silliness?) of the McKinney cop’s “barrel roll” and how it was necessary.

The point being made is that this kind of behavior was the latest example of “overbearing police tactics meted out in an unwarranted setting,” according to attn.com.

“But the barrel roll provided a glimpse into a particular mindset of policing using unnecessary tactics, and informed with an action-movie zeal,” writes attn.com.

Be sure to check out hilarious memes at hashtag #barrelroll on Twitter.


(Updated article)




3 thoughts on “Was The McKinney ‘Barrel Roll’ Necessary?

  1. It may be as funny as the woman with the Chanel suglasses speaking on camera anonymously with a distinctive birthmark/tattoo in her neck so people will not know she is the one demanding the log roller gets a medal for his log roll and pulling a gun “he didn’t intend to use” on unarmed kids at a party. Is there a Texan alive who missed the gun training 101, “Don’t pull out a gun unless you intend to use it.” He pulled out the gun, that meant he was ready to use it, the NRA says so per the advertised mentality of a “responsible” gun owner . I am glad we are amusing the world as usual. Too bad it it at the expense of children. Thank goodness no shots were fired. Still waiting for the woman who slapped a child to be charged with assault. So to answer your question, no. Perhaps he was drunk.

  2. Most of what the cop did was unnecessary. The key to me is that there were apparently a dozen cops there and he was the only one who found it necessary to act like a madman.

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