Texas Mother Pulls Gun On Student

A mother pulled a gun on a female student after the student got into a fight with her daughter, according to the Pasadena, Texas, Independent School District, according to click2houston.com.

PISD said the two students were fighting at a park across the street from Pasadena High School Tuesday when Viridiana Alvarez took out a gun.  Pasadena ISD police broke up the fight before anyone was seriously injured.

Hours after the fight, cellphone video and pictures surfaced of the altercation that appeared to show Alvarez pointing a gun at the teen’s head.  Alvarez was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

“I don’t think a grown woman should be taking a gun where kids are,” said the victim’s grandmother. “I think it’s wrong.”

During her first appearance in court Alvarez, 33, told the judge that she wasn’t planning to shoot the girl with the pistol, only “scare her.”   Her family told KPRC2 that the gun was not loaded.

“Yeah but still,” said the victim’s grandmother.  “It’s not right to take (out) a gun.”

10 thoughts on “Texas Mother Pulls Gun On Student

      1. We have mom’s drowning their kids, starving them. We have men and women molesting children, abusing them in horrific ways.

        And you want to a single story about a woman who pulled a gun to indict our society?

        Gee, I mean it’s like violence never happened before guns were invented or that mother’s never broke the law to protect their kids before now.

        Unless the family is involved with gangs/drugs, it doesn’t reflect the vast majority of firearm related crimes.

        Do you believe the actions of a single person like this are enough we should change national / state laws?

        Bob S.

  1. RL,

    Whoa – touchy about guns! Would you point a gun at the head of a High School kid?

    In the case, as reported in the media – which we know always gets every detail correct — NO.

    Would I if the ‘high school kid’ was breaking into my house, trying to rob me, etc – absolutely.

    The question is what is your motivation in posting this news report?
    What do you hope to accomplish ?

    Bob S.

      1. Again, NO I don’t think it is okay. Not once have I said she shouldn’t have been arrested. Not once have I said she did the right thing.

        I love how “just outside of a high school” is a big thing. As if criminal misuse of a firearm is somehow better if it is 20 miles from a school. It really seems as if you are trying to make this an issue about the right to keep and bear arms. The truth is much simpler — a criminal act was done and the person caught and arrested.

        I notice you don’t complain about the cop (really Pasadena School District has their own police department???) having guns on / near / within a hundred miles of a school.

        Bob S.

      2. Absolutely, it’s worse that she was just across from a school. She could have blown away 20 kids. Out in the country, she couldn’t shoot anyone, except a farmer or some cows….

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